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October 28, 2020
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HDMI Matrix

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Watch four displays at once using the latest HDMI matrix

A rack-mountable HDMI Matrix is a highly effective solution that allows the user to connect up to eight different sources at any one time, with the capabilities of viewing any four output displays simultaneously. No longer is there a need to disconnect equipment to view multiple sources, the HDMI Matrix keeps things simple, it's a very useful device. Send high definition images or audio from any one of eight different devices using the HDMI Matrix, they're good to go at any time thanks to this clever type of technology. Mount it on a shelving system and the HDMI Matrix is ready to handle all of your high definition electronic equipment.

How does the HDMI matrix work?

Simply connect up to eight different devices to the inputs on the HDMI Matrix they're easy to find on the back of the base unit. Then connect up to four different sources to the output terminals on the HDMI Matrix. Make sure the HDMI Matrix, your high definition devices and display sources are switched on and you can watch as many or as few displays as you like. It's simple really but the HDMI Matrix offers you greater flexibility plus the freedom to enjoy multichannel audio and high definition video at the same time thanks to the multitasking media equipment. It's easy to install, user-friendly and you can switch from one to source to another anytime you like using a remote with the HDMI equipment.

What type of equipment can you use with the HDMI matrix?

Any high definition equipment that you like! Plug DVD or Blue-Ray players into the HDMI Matrix and watch blockbuster movies anytime you like. Install set-top boxes, or home theatre systems into the HDMI Matrix there's plenty of room for these types of devices. Got a PS3 or an Xbox360 that you love to play on, with the latest first-person action adventures? Make sure your games console is plugged into the HDMI Matrix and you'll enjoy high definition gaming at its best. The HDMI Matrix works with all types of high definition equipment and once you've invested in their extremely versatile unit there'll be no more plugging and unplugging of devices to different displays.


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