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March 31, 2020
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Affordable Ways to Conduct Market Research

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Conducting market research is one of the most important elements of running a profitable enterprise. Research lets owners know how consumers respond to the goods and services offered, as well as providing data as to how consumers find the business online.

When it comes to obtaining online market research there are various techniques used dependent on the data required. As an example, online surveys can help owners identify common interests amongst their customers or find out if a new product will be well-received or rejected.

Other types of research can be performed to acquire data about the performance of advertising or to identify which marketing methods are best suited for the demographic market.

Having access to a variety of analysis data can help owners streamline promotional endeavors and capitalize on market trends. Regardless of the kind of statistics required, conducting research can reveal the answers.

Let's briefly review a few of the most common research methods and the benefits they offer.

Search marketing is needed to learn about the various keywords that consumers use to locate information via the Internet. There are several approaches to search marketing, but the simplest method is using keyword search tools offered by Google, WordTracker, and WordPot, to name a few.

Search marketing tools are especially beneficial for business owners that have a website. Learning which keywords are most frequently used by consumers helps owners optimize sales copy. Optimized content is needed so search engine providers can properly index content and help visitors find what they are looking for.

Online surveys are a cost-effective method to interact with website visitors. These forms can be customized to ask specific questions about products and services, business operations, or ease in using websites and shopping carts.

An added bonus of using customer survey forms is they can be published in places other than a website. For instance, owners could put a survey form on their blog, social networking groups, or via email or electronic newsletters.

Owners can take advantage of no- or low-cost services offered through established survey sites such as Zoomerang or SurveyBuilder.

Consumer focus groups are ideal for business owners who want to obtain a more in-depth analysis. People who participate in focus groups generally receive compensation for their input. Groups can be organized to talk about products, try out prototype products, or discuss business operations.

The nice thing about organizing focus groups is they can be conducted virtually in online chat rooms, as well as by phone or in person. Sessions generally last a few hours to acquire detailed information from participants.

People who are considering starting a business will need to perform market research to evaluate competition and determine effective marketing strategies. It is recommended to obtain competitive analysis reports to find out if the market can support the new enterprise.

Making the effort to engage in adequate market research will help owners avoid costly pitfalls. Those who aren't familiar with the various types of tools ought to hire a reputable marketing agency to help them establish a plan.


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