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May 26, 2020
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BlueRay Disc Technology: What Can It Do For You?

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Surprisingly, a lot of individuals really don't know the difference between BlueRay disc technology and a regular DVD, even though it is rapidly gaining in popularity. This latest advance in data storage has been developed by leading edge companies in order to offer a better consumer experience in recording and watching electronic media files. The storage capacity of any BlueRay disc is enormous compared to the storage space even the largest DVDs can offer, making it an ever more popular choice among consumers.

The technology used in DVDs utilizes red colored lasers to read and write data such as video, audio or information. BlueRay technology makes use of blue lasers, though, hence its name. And because it is so popular, it is now possible to employ BlueRay discs with regular CD players and DVD players as long as you have the compatible optical units that are needed to play them.

BlueRay disc technology deploys blue colored rays which are shorter in wavelength than the red ones utilized in DVDs, and therein lies the secret of their high definition and greater precision. This means that huge space savings are obtained because the data is packed more tightly onto a single disc.

Many years of hard work and research have gone into development of the BlueRay disc technology. This cutting edge technology has been able to boost data storage capabilities by at least five times what a DVD can store. Whereas a dual layer DVD can store 10 gigabytes of information, a double-layered BlueRay disc is capable of storing 50 gigabytes of information.

The high-storage capacity of BlueRay disc technology will make it the obvious choice for more and more people. You can store over 20 hours of basic video when using the double-layer BlueRay discs, or just under five hours of high definition data. In other words, just one BlueRay disc can replace five regular DVDs.

The BlueRay disc technology has the added advantage of superior audio and video definition, which means you can have the pleasure of highly sophisticated picture and sound delivery. In spite of its higher price, its picture and sound quality is certainly a noticeable improvement over earlier technologies, and hence it merits the additional amount one has to pay.

Currently, BlueRay disc technology is utilized not only by music companies, but by manufacturers engaged in everything from consumer electronics to personal computers, and recording media to video games.


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