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May 14, 2020
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Best Game Room Accessories

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So, you've built your game room. You have the bar, the refrigerator and the furniture. You have the pool table or card table. It still doesn't seem quite right? What's missing? Accessories. What are the best game room accessories that will give that bland game your personal touch? The possibilities are endless. That's what makes the task difficult. Here is a list of potential adornments, decorations, dressings, accents, frills and doodads that may spice up that game room and give it that personal touch that can only come from you.


One popular way to decorate the game room is thematic. Do you have a favorite sports team, rock band or movie genre? Movie posters are attractive and fashionable. Signed prints by actors can be impressive. Sports memorabilia is also a common way to spice up a game room. Autographed bats, balls, trading cards, player pictures and game worn equipment adorn many a game room wall. Some people even adorn their walls with old license plates and street signs. Theme is the name of the game when decorating.


Cotton candy machines, popcorn carts and snow cone machines will dress up any game room. Gum and candy machines can also be used to spiff up an otherwise dull game room. There is something about the taste of a snow cone or fresh popped carnival popcorn that adds that certain flavor to a well accessorized game room.


Most game rooms will have a central area containing a card table, pool table or other central game. It is important however, to include some ancillary games as well. One very popular choice is a dart board. This can be a very simple cork dart board with steel darts and a chalk board for keeping score to a modern electronic dart board that will keep score automatically and uses much safer plastic tipped darts. Other dressing can include video games. Arcade style games are popular as well as the less expensive game consoles which connect to a TV.


Items that are functional as well as conversational are considered accents. A wooden statue that doubles as a bottle opener, an electronic card shuffler, a lava lamp, a flashing neon sign and a talking cuckoo clock are all examples of accents. Anything that serves a useful purpose and makes your guests say, "hey, that's cool" will keep your friends talking about your game room for days.


Doodads are similar to accents in that they 'are cool'. Doodads however may serve no other purpose than that. They are usually small things like a talking fish on the wall, a whoopee cushion or a rubber chicken. Browse through any novelty store and you'll find hundreds of possibilities for your game room. Once again, remember it's your game room and people should get a sense of your playful personality just from being there. Games are fun and your game room should be fun as well. Just let yourself go. Frivolity and laughter are the key elements to successfully accessorizing your game room.


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